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There is no glory in a victory gained at the expense of the horses' soundness. (Colonel Margot)

It harder to rehab a horse than it is to ride Grand Prix. (Jean Luc Cornille, Science of Motion)

Methods of training provided here are riding, decarpentry lunge, and in hand work. Each method is decided by what the horse displays upon each days' evaluation as each of the methods are used in refining better muscle control and balance leading to better performance.

Riding On Purpose with Vicki Borrelli

No truer words have been spoken. We train, we ride, show and compete and we need a sound partner. Our part in the training process bears a huge responsibility. Training is an every day thing and you are either training or un-training them to be prepared for their athletic job at hand. Learning how the horse is designed to move and how he is truly made to be a master of motion and efficiency, is a first step in the process. Analyzing what needs to be done to correct or strengthen them and then guiding the horse to use his brain to get involved with the process will yield more efficient and lasting long term solutions and strides, is another step. Always progressing to achieve minimum effort for maximum performance, helping to ensure future soundness. These are some of the things you will learn while training with Riding On Purpose.