"There is a better horse, but it is in the horse you ride". This is one of my favorite quotes from Science of Motions, Jean Luc Cornille. What does this mean for us as a compassionate, educated rider? What can we do to help the horse be better? Learning better analysis of your horses function or dysfunction and guiding them to a more efficient way of moving to prevent injuries and soundness issues in the future is just one of the things that you will learn in your lessons. Practical application of classical dressage moves such as shoulder in, shoulder fore, half pass, pirouette will be used as strengthening exercises to help create proper bend and lift that everyone can learn to use; not just those pursuing upper level dressage. For the rider; learning how to be in a better neutral balance on your horse as well as understanding how your hands, arms, spine, seat and legs will affect and guide your horse in the least restrictive manner possible.. How less is actually more, and how less correction leads to more direction.

Riding On Purpose with Vicki Borrelli

Life lessons through dialog in partnership with your horse is offered for all level riders at Riding on Purposewith Vicki Borrelli

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Current lesson prices: $60 per session of about an hour at Riding on Purpose.

                                     $60 per session plus reasonable travel charge for off farm lessons.

                                    $50 per video/lesson consultations

​Vicki Borrelli, Colorado Springs, CO  Email: vicki@ridingonpurpose.com 719-761-9965

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