Vicki is an incredibly talented person. She has been helping me fix things with my entire farm as well as myself for years. Whenever one of the animals starts acting odd, I contact her to either have a chat with them or send Reiki. Her animal communication is always honest and insightful. My husband, who was originally skeptical, now tells me to 'ask Vicki' whenever he has questions about one of our animals. Every time she sends Reiki, the comfort level is noticeable in each animals posture as well as their attitude, immediately following the session.  I have learned so much from her with my horse lessons both mounted and unmounted. Her concern is always the welfare of the horse and human.  

......Carroll E.  Black Forest, CO

Formerly Cloverleaf Horse Farm, Riding on Purpose, was created through a natural progression of all things learned from being a competitive show based operation into a compassionate, critical thinking and instructional operation. A place where all students and their horses can become better athletes and listeners, no matter what their previous background. Riding on Purpose  sets its goals to instigate a "dialogue versus demand" approach for a better horsemanship. In addition, to help students understand imbalances or dysfunction of both the rider and horse and how that influences their performance together, then what would be the best avenue to fix those problems.

Two roads diverged in a woods, and I,  I chose the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.  (Robert Frost)

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"I have had the opportunity to ride with many excellent trainers and I have learned something from each one. In early 2016, I began riding with Vicki Borrelli and truly enjoy her method of training. She teaches in a relaxed atmosphere, at her facility or your own, with understanding and humor. She is not critical of you if you do not practice every day and guides you as a rider to help yourself and the horse. Her guidance has been especially helpful with my horse, Maverick, who fractured his pelvis several years ago. My vet says that he is sound to do light riding and Vicki is helping him to learn to pay attention to how he carries himself. We are still in the walking phase of training, but when we pull it all together, he walks balanced and with a VERY minimal limp. We realize he will never be a show horse, but keeping him sound, longer, is our goal. With Vicki I have gained a more stable seat with less movement in my legs and greater confidence; I know that my horses appreciate that! Thank you, Vicki!"     ....Sharon A, Calhan CO

Riding On Purpose with Vicki Borrelli

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